The Bible tells new believers in Jesus Christ that they must be baptized. This page was created to answer your questions about baptism and to give believers in Jesus a clear path to being baptized at the Village Church.


Some Common Questions About Baptism:

Q. What does the word “baptism” mean?

A. The word “baptize” literally means to “to dip or immerse under water." The word is used in Greek literature to communicate drowning, the sinking of ships, or simply just being brought under water. 

In the New Testament, baptism takes on a deeper and more significant meaning for Jesus and His followers.


Q. What does baptism mean for Christians?

A. For Jesus and His followers, baptism became a metaphor and symbol for their identification and commitment to Jesus Christ as God, Lord, and Savior! Specifically, baptism symbolizes:

1. Death to sin through immersion and birth to new life through coming up out of the water.

2. Our association and identification with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

3. Our complete cleansing from sin (forgiveness) given to us in Jesus Christ through confession of our sins and full trust in Him for eternal life and salvation. 

4. That we are spiritually and eternally united to Christ and His Church. You are now a part of a spiritual, Christ-centered family and community through a spiritual baptism by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 6:3-5)


Q. Why should I be baptized?

A. Two main reasons:

1. Obedience to Jesus Christ & His Word. Jesus commanded that all of His followers be baptized. (Matthew 28:19) 

2. Public acknowledgment of faith in Christ. This is a public indication that we have become disciples of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 10:32)


Q. When should I be baptized?

A. You should be baptized as soon as you become a believer in Jesus Christ.  If you have been a believer for awhile and have not been baptized, now is the time.


Q. Who can I choose to baptize me?                            

A. At the Village Church you can have any man who is a member in good standing with the church baptize you. This man needs to be approved by the Elders. Generally, we would encourage participants to have an Elder, a godly relative or parent, or spiritual mentor baptize them. 


Q. I was baptized as an infant. Do I need to be baptized again?

A. Yes. Since the Bible presents baptism as a “post-salvation” event, baptism is only for believers in Jesus Christ. As an infant you were not yet a believer. 


Q. Does baptism save me from sin?

A. No. You are saved when you trusted in in Jesus Christ for the first time. Baptism is an outward sign of the inward reality of your salvation. Only those who are saved can be baptized. 


Q. Is there anything supernatural about baptized?

A. No. Baptism is done as a symbol. The act of baptism does not have any supernatural or magical qualities. 


Q. How many times can I be baptized?

A. You should only be baptized one time as a believer in Jesus Christ. The only times someone should be re-baptized is if you were baptized as a small child or an unbeliever who professed faith. 


Q. When you baptize, do you immerse or sprinkle with water?

A. We baptize through immersion when possible as that is the typical method in Scripture. 

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