Our Core Values

Our core values are the central and most essential qualities of our being.  They embody who we are; these few words represent powerful convictions that permeate everything we do as a church. If the vision is a skeleton of what we want to look like (“complete in Christ”), these core values are the internal tissues, muscles, and organs that make the vision come to life. More than hollow words, these phrases define what is most important in guiding our behavior as we actively pursue our vision for the church and accomplish our mission in Bartlett and beyond.    

1. Christ-Centered: Jesus Christ and His Gospel are the foundation of all we do and are at the Village Church.  We are committed to ensuring that the person and work of Jesus are clearly and explicitly at the center of each person and ministry. Colossians 1:18 says that Jesus created everything so that “He might come to have first place in everything.” 

2. Word: Since the 66 books of the Old and New Testament are the written words of God, at the Village Church we seek to uphold and obey every aspect of God’s word both individually and corporately. (2 Tim. 3:14-17)

3. Discipleship: Every ministry of the Village Church will have as its goal moving each person further toward completion, or full maturity, in Christ.  This is at the very heart of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. In this passage, Jesus commissions His disciples to make more disciples of all the nations. This includes evangelism, baptizing new believers, life-on-life teaching, application of this teaching, and repeating the cycle.  Part of being a disciple is a joyful and fervent practice of the spiritual disciplines.  

4. Spirit: Every member and ministry of our church will seek to be Spirit-led as the Spirit of God is the source of all genuine heart change and movement toward competition in Christ. Without Him all our efforts are merely temporal.  (Colossians 1:29)

5. Community: Jesus Christ instituted the local church as the extension of Himself.  Jesus has appointed Elders and Deacons to humbly lead His Church, and Jesus has equipped each believer with a spiritual gift to humbly serve.  It is in the context of this community of submission to leadership and submission to one another that completion/maturity in Christ occurs. (Acts 2:42)


The Village Church, with the single-minded vision to be complete in Christ, and the determination to uphold these five core values, is a church that lives in obedience to God’s Word. It is far too easy to define a church simply by what it does; yet Jesus says that what we do is the overflow of who we are on the inside. What we do is a barometer of whether our heart is genuinely valuing, or putting worth into, the things that are most important to Jesus.



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