Community Groups

Our Community Groups:

  • Sunday: 
    • Mike and Robin Camerer: 12:30pm in Bartlett, IL - Email
  • Monday: 
    • Nathan and Michelle Wells: 6:00pm at Village Church - 
    • Ryan and Rachel Chaney: 6:00pm at Village Church - Email
    • Jon and Natalie Tuck: 6:00pm at Village Church - 
  • Tuesday: 
    • Mark and Sally Hurlbert: 7:00pm in Carol Stream, IL - Email
    • Mike and Meloday Boyle: 7:00pm in Bartlett, IL - 
  • Thursday: 
    • Pat and DeAnn Selvaggio: 7:00pm in Wayne, IL - Email
    • Sam and Deborah Giampapa: 7:00pm in Bartlett, IL - 
  • Friday: 
    • Dave and Laurie Torres: 7:00pm in Bartlett, IL - Email
  • Saturday: 
    • Dale and Coni Janzen: 5:00pm in South Elgin, IL - Email
  • Day-timers Group
    • Mike & Mel Boyle: Meets for a study every 1st Thursday of the month at 9:00am. Meets two other days per month for breakfast or lunch. - 


    Community Groups Vision

    To further cultivate a Christ-centered community for the Village Church where the vision, values, and goals of our church are lived out in a way Sunday mornings alone cannot.

    Community Groups are a weekly gathering with our friends and neighbors from the Village Church where we share life together, experiencing the Gospel in ways we simply cannot on our own. They are a place to wrestle with the truths of the Bible, pray fervently together, love one another sacrificially, serve our community generously, and participate in the mission God has for the Village Church. It is amazing to see in the book of Acts that Biblical community and fellowship are not complicated concepts, but rather quite simple. If we engage them with passion and dedication, we should expect that our community will start to bear fruit, attract unbelievers, and deepen the spiritual walks of current believers. At the Village Church, our two-fold focus of sunday worship and weekly Community Groups is structured to uphold our vision and values, bring glory to God, and bless those who participate as we uphold the various aspects of Biblical Community seen in Scripture, particularly in the books of Acts.


    What Happens at a Community Group?

    “Breaking Bread”

    Food & Fellowship: You may bring either dinner, appetizers, or just dessert


     Group Worship, testimonies, and celebration of God’s work in our lives!

    “Apostles Teaching”

    Interactive, in-depth, and substantive Bible studies by gifted teachers.

    “Prayer & Fellowship”

    We break-up into men’s & women’s groups to: share life, pray, encourage, & counsel.

    At the heart of the Village Church Community Groups is the desire to see a community of believers who worship Jesus, love one another, and embody the vision of the Village Church - to see all people complete in Christ. God has called us to a continuous lifestyle of worship and relationship with Himself, which is cultivated and nurtured within the local church.

    At the Village Church Community Groups are the primary place where discipleship, care, & service take place.

    -Discipleship & Care: It is where we encourage one another to be worshipers of our Lord. It is the primary place where individuals become the body of Jesus Christ — loving, caring and challenging one another.

    - Community Service: It is also within community that we engage culture and demonstrate the love of Christ to our city and neighbors. We were created in the Image of our Creator, who Himself exists in community. We were created for the express purpose to worship Jesus in community with other believers. It is our desire to see every member and regular attender of the Village Church loved, cared for, and challenged within a thriving and Christ-centered community.

    It is our desire that our neighbors are blessed and touched by the love of Jesus through the lives of our members. We believe that Community Groups will help us do this better.


    What Should I Expect When I Join a Community Group? 

    Each Group is unique and will reflect the people and locale in which it exists. However, you can expect a weekly gathering that involves food, conversation, group prayer, in-depth teaching and discussion focused on applying the Bible to practical living, gender-specific breakout sessions focused on prayer and sharing, and opportunities for service in our city and church. Community Groups are an environment for building relationships with one another.

    Many groups will follow the Sunday sermon series in their teaching times, although some may choose to work through another book of the Bible, DVD, book or Bible study. Community Groups are much more than a Bible study, however, they are community! They are a place where we can laugh, cry, work and play together for the glory of Christ. This means you can expect BBQ’s, yard work for an an elderly or disabled neighbor, bowling, visiting people in the hospital, birthday parties, and may other activities.


    Community Group Calendar

    Groups will meet weekly except for 1st weeks of each month

    - Once a quater will meet for an All Church Celebration Potluck

    Groups will meet for two semesters

     - Fall semester extends from Labor Day through Thanksgiving

    - Spring semester extends from the second week of January through May.

    - Groups are encouraged to focus on church-wide events in the summer such as picnics, mission trips, etc...


    Have Questions or Want to Join a Group? 

    Contact us at The Village Church office at 630-289-8151 or by emailing



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