Equip Hour

What is Equip Hour? 

Equip Hour is weekly Biblical Training for the equipping of the church to go, grow, and overcome!  


Equip Bible Classes

What time do the bible classes meet? 9:00am on Sunday mornings 

What are Equip Classes? These classes, such as 1 & 2 Peter, provide a systematic approach to studying God’s Word. 

What are the current Equip Bible Classes? 

  • 1 & 2 Peter - Experiencing Victory in a Hostile World “… a primer for winning the war that really matters”  


Equip Workshops

What time do the Equip Workshops meet? 10:45am on Sunday mornings

What are Equip Workshops?  Workshops are 6-8 week sessions with a smaller number of people that provide hands on training (‘how to’) around topics focused on all aspects of becoming complete in Christ (going, growing, and overcoming). These classes are usually by sign-up only. Contact Mark Hurlbert for more info or to sign up for a workshop by emailing

What are the current Equip Workshops? 

  • Membership Class


If you have any questions about our Equip Hour, Contact Mark Hurlbert @ or the church office @ 630-289-8151. 

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