What is Mentoring? 

  • Mentoring is when a youth leader partners with a student to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Many of our students are presently being mentored and God is using this to deepen their love for Himself and others. 
  • Mentoring is something each student must want and pursue. 
  • Mentoring is a season of intense pursuit of God through Bible study, prayer, service, and consistently meeting with your mentor. It is our desire that parents be engaged in the mentoring process as our role is to serve the parents in the discipleship of their children, not to replace them.

When Does Mentoring Take place? 

  • Mentoring flexible, and usually based on the mentor and student's schedule. 


  • The Village Church
  • Other locations may be used, such as local coffee shops, based upon approval from the student's parents. 

If you are interested in pursuing a mentoring relationship, talk to any of our youth leaders and they can help you get started today! 

Contact Lauren Soules with any mentoring questions .

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